Nutsco - Usibras


Founded in 1979, USIBRAS emerged as a family company. Today, after gaining global presence, nothing has changed in this essence.

Our founder defined the values of transparency, respect, and trust as part of our DNA and this philosophy continues to be cultivated from our production methods to the closing of deals.

Our State of the Art facilities employ 2,500 employees throughout USA, Brazil, and Ghana and we are a subsidiary of USIBRAS, the largest cashew exporter in Brazil and Ghana.

Together, these components allow us to deliver premium products from our family to yours, no matter where you live.

Better known as “the biggest cashew trader in the world”, the history of Usibras mixing with its founder 40 years ago. What started with the will to win and hard work, has become the Usibras family, which spans 2 continents and millions of people who share our values.