Sustainability is at the heart of our actions, so that we can transform lives around the world through responsible agriculture

Commitment to Sustainability


With units in Brazil and Ghana / Africa, Usibras generates 2.500 direct and indirect jobs, of which 70% are women.

As part of its inclusion project, Usibras promotes partnerships with local farmers, who are trained through the organic RCN qualification and certification program, thus ensuring that they receive an annual bonus for their quality products. With this program, Usibras Ghana managed partnerships with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MoFA) responsible for training and mapping the plantations and fairMatch Support, responsible for the certification, database and registration process for farmers who can obtain RCN.

USIBRAS works with local cooperatives, directly impacting the lives of families of approximately 12,000 people. Units in Brazil and Africa jointly employ 2,500 employees and serve as a foundation for the local economy, generating income and opportunities in the region.



All company units use technology to reduce waste, energy efficiency and waste and water management.

In the manufacturing process, our company makes use of the cashew nut shells itself as a way of feeding its boilers, in order to generate steam to feed the machinery of the factory (BIOMASS), generating the least possible waste during the process, re using all parts of the cashews.

USIBRAS is the leader in the Brazilian market & Ghana market and is at the forefront of sustainable projects, such as the organic project. The company currently has 150 associated organic products that are qualified in organic management practices, plus incentives for qualification and remuneration for quality products. Transparency.

USIBRAS is a member of the SMETA SEDEX – Ethical audit system, where the company is audited and evaluated to be included in a select group of companies where the pillars of work, health, safety, labor and environmental ethics are widely respected.