Ship From Address

1115 South 2nd st
Camden, NJ 08103

Ships From

New Jersey

Shipping Details

Shipping Option 1 : Delivery of ‘Single Cartons

Question 1: How will I receive my order?
Answer 1: Your order will be shipped via UPS.

Question 2: How can I track my shipment?
Answer 2: You will receive your order’s Tracking Number by Email and can also be viewed in the My Account (link) section.

Question 3: How many days will the shipment take to arrive at the delivery address?
Answer 3: It will take 2 working days to dispatch from NUTSCO warehouse and 3-7 days for the order to be delivered.

Shipping Option 2: Delivery of ‘Pallets’

Question 1: How will the pallet be shipped?
Answer 1: Pallets will be shipped via LTL carriers.

Question 2: How many cartons are there on a pallet?
Answer 2: If a pallet contains 50-lb cartons then there will be 40 cartons per pallet.

Question 3: Is the pallet shrink-wrapped?
Answer 3: Yes

Question 4: How can I track my shipment?
Answer 4: You will receive your order’s Tracking Number, along with the BOL, by Email and they can also be viewed in the “My Account (link)” section.
Additionally, you can track the shipment via LTL PRO

Question 5: How many days will the pallet take to arrive?
Answer 5: It will take 2-3 working days to dispatch from NUTSCO warehouse. The pallet generally takes 3-8 days from the date of Dispatch, depending on delivery location. That is a total of 5-10 days for delivery from the date of ordering.

Question 6: Does the pallet arrive with a forklift? Or do customers need a forklift?
Answer 6: Customers should have a forklift for pallets. Or a pallet jack.

Option 3: Self-pickup at the warehouse

Question 1: Can I pick up the stocks from the warehouse? If yes, how?
Answer 1: Yes, you can.
After the order is placed using the pickup option, a release document, which contains the pickup details, is sent to your registered Email address. You can then schedule a pickup appointment with the warehouse, around 24 to 48 hours before the pickup. Email: or call, 856-966-6400 ext. 108
Customers are required to schedule the pickup, which is free of cost.
NUTSCO recommends customers communicate via email with the appropriate warehouse to schedule a pickup appointment and send their vehicle for pickup at the scheduled time.
Please note NUTSCO is not responsible for delays when in transit with carrier. However, We will help you to track if shipment was scheduled by NUTSCO third party carrier.