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The cashew nut is widely used for several purposes, as it is rich in nutrients. It serves as an ingredient for salads, snacks, yogurts, cereals and many others.


Snack Nuts

It can be consumed as a snack of Mixed nuts, whole cashews, Halves and pieces and trail mix.

Bread baking

Widely used in the bakery industry, composing bread and toast, and giving flavor and crunchiness.

nuts bar

Nuts Bars

Cashew nuts have become almost an indispensable ingredient in nut bars, granolas, flours, etc.

milk cashew

Plant-based Beverages

It is among the top choices for plant based beverages.

Tart cashew and raisin


Cashew nuts, either broken or butter, are often used in the production of sweets, to bring a better appearance and flavor to treats.

cashew ice cream

Ice cream

It goes well with ice cream, and popular among toppings, as for its taste and visual appeal.