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According to "The Association of Food Industries" (AFI), that establishes the rules and standards of cashew nuts, cashews must be sold through two criteria;  Physical Features (whole or broken) and Color (white, pale ivory, dark ivory & slightly toasted).

Physical Feature Classification

Cashew nuts can be found in many grades being classified as "wholes", "broken" or "granulated".
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Color Standards

First Quality (1a) : The kernel has a uniform color that can be white, light ivory or light grey.

Second Quality (2a) : The kernel can be ivory, light brown, light grey or dark grey.

Third Quality (3a) : The kernel can be dark ivory, dark brown, amber, light or dark blue. Also can be slightly wrinkled or stained.

Fourth Quality (4a) : The kernel can be qualified as first or second quality except it has black dots.


Single 50lb Bag (22.68kg) : Vacuum packed aluminized bag inside of a strengthened cardboard carton.

Single 25lb Bag (11.34kg) : Packed in a clear, heat-sealed plastic bag inside of a strengthened cardboard carton.

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