Premium Cashews.

The use of high quality raw material is our primary importance for achievement of consistently premium quality of our products. Our cashews are a point of pride for NUTSCO. Customer satisfaction is a priority for all workers at NUSTCO.


Nutsco supply chain management allows for high quality raw cashews with competitive price. Fom farmers to you. step1


As a SEDEX certified supplier, USIBRAS and NUTSCO create a new setting in the cashew industry and enhance the need to develop different approaches of securing future supply in both qualitative and quantitative manner. Key indicators: Increase income to farmers, Increasing processing of raw cashews nuts to boost economy to the region, offers cashew from a transparent and traceable supply chain, Anti-Child labor and etc.



Nutsco superior quality cashews are manufactured at our state-of-art roasting facility where we are deeply committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Brazilian Grown Cashew Nuts

Our cashew nuts are cultivated from cashew trees in the Northeast of Brazil, where the crop originated before being grown elsewhere in the world. In a time-honored tradition, these Brazilian grown cashew nuts are thereby processed and go on to form the basis of the healthy and delicious cashews you have come to enjoy from NUTSCO.

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